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Nov 18, 2012 10:00pm EST
sandy's devastation, we've got a web site up and we are working with partners to raise funds to purchase terrific replacements for libraries and the new york and new jersey area. >> have you moved into the ebook world at all? >> not in a big way, yet. we are encouraging it and do not discourage it. children have not had access to the piece of equipment, so we have been looking at how can we promote that because frankly in addition to wanting children to have books and get them engaged and the book is a great way to do that for many children, i do not want to look back ten years from now and say my goodness we let another digital divide occur. we want to make sure that the children we are serving have the opportunity to learn how to use the book and what it is and what it can mean to them. we know that our friends at facebook are working on that kind of thing and i can't help but think in another year or two that will probably be a project that we are doing together. >> you are working on the books? >> we are working on a digital platform so that we can work the boundaries of all kinds of
Nov 17, 2012 3:00pm EST
sovereignty or national interests. the reason superstorm sandy cause such damage in the northeast of the united states was not exclusively related to environmental policies and actions taken in the united states of america. .. >> if i can add one more thing, remember the beginning of the united states of america. economy of the this southern states in the northern states is very different. they were very different from each other. even today, the economy is very different. we found a way to deal with that and the regulators are the same is true in europe and china and india. same is the same is true and brazil. this country deals with gaps between the rich and poor, agriculture, and earthen industrialize an evolving in much the same way that we're going to have to on the global stage for a the problem has been solved and can be solved. >> host: good afternoon, we have a caller from new york city. >> caller: hello, i'm so happy you're taking my call. my question is this fiscal cliff that we are approaching. if president obama allows it to happen, what kind of catastrophe are you ta
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
people to get that for example, hurricane sandy 80 people are not happy with what he something like that that inner-city when you are living in a tent. there is something like 74,000 acres of land we are still going dealing with a very urgent and difficult situation in haiti. >> host: where did your book, "so spoke the earth" come from? >> guest: it came from women writers of haitian descent. it is the navigation of patients to tell their stories and these groups of women, the edited this anthology. it is "so spoke the earth: the haiti i knew, the haiti i know, the haiti i want to know." different women talk about this. it is a trilingual anthology in english, french, and creole. it's generational. we talk about the people who were surviving it. we talk about their friends and neighbors. there is an opportunity for people who don't know much about haiti to get to know katie through a variety of women writers wasted. >> host: is creole very different from french? >> guest: creel -- creole is a language of its own. it came from the french, spanish, english, all of these people came to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3